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A Violin by Enrico Marchetti

Violin By Enrico Marchetti, Cuorgnè, 1898

This 19th centry modern violin was created by the hands of a master maker. Its unique characteristics highlight Marchetti’s excellent craftsmanship. From our point of view, this instrument highlight is the very thick varnish, of a golden brown color. It shows a thin craquelure that extends towards a good part of the instrument, with smooth and delicate patina. More

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      Full description

      This very preserved violin from the end of the 19th century carries the characteristics of Italian modern instruments. A beautiful two-piece back violin with open flames. Its unique characteristics highlight Marchetti’s excellent craftsmanship – the very inclined Fs, perfectly fitted on the curve of level and the edges, quite thick for a violin, bring the beautiful bold aspect of its appearance. The arching is strong in the center but ends very smoothly at the edges. The scroll follows a particular pattern, with a very smooth and flat carving, and still holds its original neck.

      Meet the maker

      Enrico Marchetti

      Born in Milan in 1855, Enrico Marchetti was one of the finest Turinese violin makers of the 20th century. He began his apprenticeship at 14, working for one of Milan’s last traditional violin makers.Learn more

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        Back Length
        357 mm
        Upper Bout
        164 mm
        Center Bout
        108 mm
        Lower Bout
        208 mm
        String Length
        328 mm

        sound characteristics

        Dark, sweet and direct.

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