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A Violin by Hiller & Son

Violin by Bernd Hiller & Son, Regensburg, 2019

The hands of a master maker crafted this violin inspired by Vuillaume. Hiller’s long experience as a violin maker along with his innovative style are demonstrated in this violin. In our view, its high point is the beautiful varnish applied on the deeply flammed wood of the back.


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    Full description

    The woods chosen for this violin, both maple and spruce, were hand-cut by the makers about 20 years ago in the forests of Switzerland. The top is of medium grain and the back presents narrow to medium flames, with pronounced annual rings.

    "With this instrument, we have created a variant with accessories made of domestic wood, which makes it sustainable and unique. They were all mane inside of our workshop and the wood comes from Switzerland. It is high-density spruce that has a much higher sound velocity and hardness than ebony. This makes the instrument richer in overtones, and faster in response." Bernd and Daniel Hiller


    Meet the maker

    Hiller & Son

    Father and son united by the passion of violin-making and working together to create true masterpieces. It all started with Bernd, who obtained his master in craftsman's diploma in 1986 under the guidance of violin maker Bernhard Wölz. Daniel followed the steps of his father and they now work together in their workshop in Germany. They make each instrument to be easy to play, rich in overtones, and comfortable in the hand and neck. Learn more

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      Back Length
      355.5 mm
      Upper Bout
      167 mm
      Center Bout
      114 mm
      Lower Bout
      209 mm
      String Length
      327 mm

      sound characteristics

      Bright, sharp, and round.

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