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A Bow by Giovanni Lucchi

Violin bow by Giovanni Lucchi, silver special


A violin bow crafted by the hands of a master maker. Giovanni's exceptional work demonstrates why he is the reference for modern Italian bow making. For us, the high point of this violin bow is the Swarovski crystal inlaid on the frog. More



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      Full description

      This violin bow's characteristics are the high-quality round Pernambuco stick of light color, plain ebony and silver frog with an insertion of a Swarovski crystal, three-part silver and ebony screw, and silver and synthetic fiber winding.

      Meet the maker

      Giovanni Lucchi

      Giovanni Lucchi was an Italian bow maker noted for founding the first school of bow making in Italy. He worked for several years as a musician and instructor, and in 1971, he began constructing and restoring bows. He went to Brienz, Switzerland, to apprentice under Siegfried Finkel. Learn more

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        Balance point
        265 mm
        60 g

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