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The Best Violin Maker For You

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Have you ever wondered who would be the best violin maker to build your instrument?

Every handcrafted violin is a special instrument because it looks different, sounds different, and feels different when played. This is part of the special touch of handmade instruments, no one will be the same, and no violin maker will reproduce the exact violin. Each of them is unique. But when acquiring a new handmade violin, the first thing is to think about the maker. To find out your perfect musical match, you will need to find the best violin maker for you!

It sounds weird, but it will totally make sense what we are talking about after this blog. But for that, we need to understand a few things about violin-making: history, methods, styles, and your goal.

First of all, let’s thank the majestic luthiers from the past!

The violin is the world’s most popular instrument, and it has been around for much longer than people think. It has been in existence for literally centuries, and people have been making music on it for ages… but not until the 16th century did craftsmen in Italy start to make violins like those made by Andrea Amati and Antonio Stradivari.

It is a charming and graceful instrument that’s made a name for itself in thousands of bands and orchestras. It has a long and complex family history. The popularity of the violin rose because it was a descendant of the rebec, which was an instrument favored by the common people and nobles alike.


How a violin maker differ from others

Those makers are considered the inventors of this instrument as we know it today. Of course, many changes have been made over the years and still are, the evolution won’t stop. However, the styles and violin methods came from them, not to mention the master makers from other countries of Europe and outside it.

It takes more than simply making violins to be a modern violin maker. Most luthiers possess at least a bachelor’s degree in violin making or have spent years studying the craft at workshops with world-class masters.

Every luthier has his or her own preferences and inspirations. These preferences and inspirations contribute to each maker’s style, which is ultimately defined by the maker’s individual methods. Some luthiers will get inspiration from older master models while others focus on developing their own personal models. As a result, we wind up with spectacular instruments!

Now, to find your violin, you must find the best violin maker for you

Antiqued, new, or copy. These are already three crucial factors to be aware of when choosing the luthiers to create your violin or simply buying from them. Understanding your taste and goal as a musician focuses on what more attracts you on a violin: the sound, aesthetic, and shape… And don’t forget! You must also find the right shape and size for your arm’s length so that you will be able to play comfortably. We have a blog just about how you can find your violin

If you commission a violin, you will talk with the luthier about your new violin; however, keep in mind that they will develop your instrument based on your ideas and skills! Some makers study more about the wood; others are experts in varnishing, luthiers that make new-looking instruments, and some do deep research on the history and prefer the antique ones.

So who would be the best violin maker for you? Most of these aspects are far away from just the aesthetic look, and they actually have a significant role in the sounding. We are trying to say that if you want a copy, then go to those violin makers who are experts in the topic! As a result, you’ll have a true masterpiece.

Time to have your unique instrument

The web of violins is vast, and it is recommended to start browsing one’s favorite model, sound, color, measurement, etc. Once you make up your mind about it, it’s time to choose your violin or commission one! Read our blog about how you can commission your violin from Mio Cannone.


Also, we invite you to take a look at our maker’s page and learn about their preferences and styles! I’m pretty sure it’ll amaze you.