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Modern Violins for Sale

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When looking for a new violin to be your musical partner, it’s more than just searching for excellent modern violins for sale.

One thing about us is that we believe that an instrument is a representation of a voice, which will be the one for many musicians to use as a way of expression. And like any voice, each one is unique and valuable in many ways.

Therefore, the Mio Cannone Violini collection of handmade violins for sale are second-to-none! By selecting the best maker from today, we want you to find your perfect match because using a great violin will improve not just your skills but your enjoyment of music. And isn’t that the whole point of playing the violin?

An instrument must be complete and added to your music! Come meet our today’s selection of 4 modern violins for sale now at our website.

A Violin by Domenico Fantin

Sounding dark, sweet, and round.

The violin follows a Guarneri model pattern, with its flatter arching and the open fs – similar to the Heifetz model.

In this violin, the top spruce was exceptionally well-chosen with very regular grains and comes from Val di Fiemme, which is the same source as most of the greatest Cremonese makers of the past. The bottom features a quarter cut one-piece maple back with narrow flames.

Domenico Fantin has built more than six hundred instruments, following the classic tradition of Cremona. His instruments follow his own design, as well as copies of instruments by Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesù and models inspired by them. 

€25,000 EUR

A Violin by Marco Pedrini

Sounding bright, sweet, and round.

The experienced maker Marco Pedrini crafted a Stradivari model, showing his great knowledge of Cremonese traditional handcraftsmanship.

The wood used is very old, both regarding the spruce, the maple, and the ebony of the fingerboard, a fundamental element for a musician. In the back, he preferred to use two pieces to obtain a symmetrical acoustic response on both sides. At the same time, arranging the flames like a one-piece back to have an idea of ​​continuity.

The high spot is its purfling, highlighted by the well-done bee sting miters, that together with the delicate edges give an elegant frame to the violin.

€10,600 EUR

A Violin by Gibertoni & Nalin

Sounding dark, sharp, and direct

Inspired by C.G.Testore, Gibertoni & Nalin’s great knowledge of the Milanese school is clearly highlighted in this antiqued violin.

The spruce used for the top, with medium-grains, was beautifully chosen. The two-piece back and sides maple feature narrow flames, unlike the scroll which was made with plain maple. The violin is covered by golden ground and reddish-brown color varnish.

Stefano Gibertoni and Valerio Nalin collaborate together in the making of violins, violas, and cellos in their workshop in Milan. The combination of a long and solid experience in construction, making, and set up, together with a young mind, with a free and enthusiastic spirit. 

€17,500 EUR

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