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Cremona Exhibition 2021

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Mio Cannone Violini Exhibition on September 23rd – 26th, 2021

With great pleasure, we at Mio Cannone Violini invite you to visit our workshop from September 23rd until the 26th, we will be exhibiting contemporary violins and bows at Piazza Marconi, 7b, next to the Museo del Violino.

Check this year’s agenda

With the magic of a festival and the liveliness of an international tradeshow, Cremona boosted the happening of several events in the city center throughout the whole weekend. Boasting an event program that never lacks an array of performances. We from Mio Cannone Violini have an agenda full of festivities for you!

  • Contemporary Makers Exhibition
  • Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ Exhibition
  • Free Open Day Adjustments
  • Live Violin Comparisons
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Contemporary Maker’s Exhibition

From 23rd until the 26th of September

Handcrafted violins from the heart of Cremona. At Mio Cannone Violini, our curatorship guarantees a selection of the most desired and beautiful sounding instruments from today.

Discover our collection of masterpieces handcrafted by the most sought-after makers worldwide. We are a window from Cremona to the world for musicians to find their means of expression.

Visit our collection of masterpieces and find now your own Cannone.

“Thanks to the entire team at, in such a simple, fast and safe way, always with great attention and dedication, has helped me find the right choice. With all the comfort and safety, I have made a great purchase, a fantastic violin. I was surprised with the quality and beauty of the instrument, very well made! ” Paulo Pareira, Portugal
Amorim Fine Violins Cremona presents: Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ Exhibition

From 23rd September on

Surrounded by beautiful and mysterious things, the Amorim Fine Violins Cremona exhibition brings to life the stories behind the great instruments by ‘del Gesù.’ An exhibition that spans over 300 years of history, at a time that the appreciation for master craftsmanship has never been greater. Visitors can admire the copies by Luiz Amorim on display, along with the history of this fantastic maker.

For Luiz Amorim, making a copy is not just replicating the author’s work, but showing its heritage, the story behind it. Besides, not only the maker’s story but also of the musician who played this instrument and whose name has been carried over the years. It shows the importance of exalting the two artists, who provide the instrument for the other to express themselves in their entirety uniquely.

“It is essential to have this freedom of expression and not be tied to the aesthetic form. He was an artist, and I identify myself a lot for that.” Luiz Amorim

Amorim Fine Violins Cremona will cover all aspects of the history behind this fantastic maker and leave you with an understanding of the history of his violins. Besides admiring the violins, visitors will learn more about Guarneri ‘del Gesù’s’ life and enjoy live violin making. To finalize the exhibition, there is a section dedicated to the forgotten female violin maker of Cremona, ‘del Gesú’s’ wife, Katerina Roda.

Open Day Instruments Adjustments

From 23rd until the 26th of September

Amorim Fine Violins is offering you a free open day adjustment. Let us pamper your instrument with our dedicated team of experts. Your musical journey deserves only the best!

Welcome to our free open day adjustments for violins, violas, and cellos. Our workshop is waiting for you during this time with its warm atmosphere. It will assist you in adjusting the instrument if needed and doing everything possible to make your violin/viola or cello sound according to your needs and requirements, ensuring that your instrument is set up correctly.


Investment into your instrument is an investment in you. An instrument that is well set up will respond consistently and with ease. They’ll be waiting for you with coffee and tea. ? See you there!

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Violin Comparisons

Last but not least, we will do a series of violin comparisons! You will be able to choose between violins to be compared and get live insights about them. These mini-events will occur both in-presence and online, broadcasted via the Instagram page of @amorimfineviolins.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the in-presence workshop has a limited capacity.


Those who want to follow it online and don’t want to miss a thing, neither its recorded version


Please participate in our exclusive Telegram channel to receive notifications during the whole event 


This is an exhibition not to miss!

Find us at Piazza Marconi 7b, throughout the whole weekend from the 23rd to the 26th of September, at the Mio Cannone Violini workshop located next to the Museo del Violino.

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