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Violin Maker
Iotti & Vibe

Italy, Parma

Pietro Iotti and Agnete Vibe are two young violin makers who have united in their shared love for this antique and precious work and out of Parma, Italy they craft unique instrumentsinspired by the methods of the classic Parma School of Violin Making.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Iotti & Vibe


Experience: 8 Years

New making style: New


Rising Star-Maker

Background as a Musician

Innovative Maker

Graduated from the Violin Making School of Parma

Locally making

Italy, Parma

Maker Background

Born in Copenhagen in 1994 Agnete’s parents shared their love of music with her from an early age and the violin quickly became the object of her affection. Her passion for craftsmanship meant that at 19 years old, she moved to Italy to enroll at the Scrollavezza Violini
Making School of Parma.

Pietro, a Parma native, studied classical guitar at the conservatory and his inquisitive mind, always keen on figuring out how things work let him experiment with guitar making. Quickly the world of lutherie unfolded and so he also entered the Parma School of Violin Making.

Here Pietro and Agnete had the opportunity to study under the guidance of many great makers here amongst Renato and Elisa Scrollavezza, Andrea Zanrè, Michele Dobner and Frédéric Noharet. After the first year of study, they established a workshop together in which to further practice their talents. After 5 years, they graduated and felt ready to venture into establishing their own professional workshop. However, they continue to further their knowledge through membership of the VSA and the courses they offer as well as masterclasses.

Their main inspirations are the works of early 20th century violin makers like Gaetano Sgarabotto.

Maker Interview

Why did you start making instruments?

Agnete: I always felt very rooted in the past, and besides my love of music, I nurtured a strong interest in history from an early age. So when I first entered the shop of my violin maker, it somehow felt like an ‘encounter with eternity,’ Upon entering the shop your nose filled up with earthy scents of wood, resin, and glue. It was like stepping back in time, and I immediately felt a strong connection with that world.

Pietro: Coming from a musical background the idea of being able to create a vessel of music was incredible to me and I love to synthesize my ideas and thoughts with my hands.

Why your instruments are so special?

Agnete: Making instruments, for me, is the perfect combination of artistry and precision work.

Pietro: In our shop, we keep a close record of every step of the
construction process to continue to perfect the tonal quality and the comfort of playing.

Agnete: We aim to create beautiful instruments with clean lines but with a soft quality to the varnish that feels inviting to the player.

What is your inspiration?

Agnete: For me, the artistic process is a quiet and somewhat meditative one. It is a craft that requires skills and concentration.

Pietro: My biggest inspiration is when a great artist finally plays the instrument and you hear its voice for the first time. So we grab every opportunity to go out and meet musicians benefit hugely from their feedback. Through this work, we can take an active part in the world of music and it is always immensely satisfying when you feel you can aid a musician on their creative path.

Thanks to the entire team at, in such a simple, fast, and safe way, always with great attention and dedication, has helped me find the right choice. With all the comfort and safety I have made a great purchase. Fantastic violin, I was surprised by the quality and beauty of the instrument, very well made - grade 10 for Agnete Vibe. I wish you all the success in your professional life, congratulations to everyone.

Paulo Pareira

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