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A Violin by Andrea Giovannetti

Violin by Andrea Giovannetti, Florence, 2022


The hands of a rising star-maker crafted this Stradivari copy. Andrea faithfully represents the new generation of Italian violin makers, bringing modern thinking to the violin-making scenario. For us, its high point is the violin's scroll; it is a delicate and well-crafted piece of violin. More

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    Full description

    This violin is deeply inspired in the Stradivari 1721 'Lady Blunt'. The top is made from spruce from Val di Fiemme with medium, regular grain, and the two-piece back of Bosnian maple with deep and bright flames. The oil-rosin varnish is of orange-brown-red color on a golden-brown ground, the multiple shades of colour makes the instrument change with light reflection, a typical characteristic of the most famous violins from Stradivari’s golden period.

    "The design of the violin is based off of the form of large dimensions namely the G - Grande - mould, with a longer back length, characterized by full curves in both front and back plates; the stylistic features are made for both aesthetic and acoustic reasons. The result shows a bold; well-defined violin with generous arching and the typical stradivarian scroll. The delicate edgework displays relatively short and wide corners and well balanced soundholes. I went in the direction of an instrument that has had minimal wear, but still displays an antique feel." Andrea Giovannetti

    Meet the maker

    Andrea Giovannetti

    Andrea Giovannetti was introduced to violin making at a young age and dedicated himself to violin making to reach the professional level. He worked under the private tutelage of Master violin maker Luca Primon and later started a learning relationship with Master violin maker Gianmaria Stelzer. Learn more

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      Back Length
      359 mm
      Upper Bout
      169 mm
      Center Bout
      114 mm
      Lower Bout
      205 mm
      String Length
      328 mm

      sound characteristics

      Dark, sweet, and direct.

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