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Our experts will go through the commissioning process with you, including payment plans, waitlist, and special offers.

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Choose through all the possibilities of wood, model, varnish, appearance, sound, and accessories.

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We will share all the details of your order with your selected maker ensuring you a unique instrument.

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We will keep you posted on the maker’s work and guarantee your Cannone with all essential qualities to complement your music.

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Creating your instrument to your exact requirements

Customise down to the finest detail

Get inspired by the makers’ works and let us know all specifications to make your dream violin. We will make your own Cannone a unique instrument just for you.

Customise to meet your needs down to the finest detail

Select a talented maker to create your cannone

It can either be a specialist in copies, antiqued, or new-looking instruments. Choose the one that represents you best.

Define your sound characteristics

We can translate your desired voice to create the perfect instrument for you.

Choose the type of model you would like

Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati, or a personal model, our makers have a wide range of possibilities to choose from.

A range of finishes and woods to choose from

Wood in perfect conditions, from the same source since the 1600s and varnish recipes, passed down for generations.

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Browse our selection of the greatest makers and their available masterpieces for commission. Our experts will always be available to advise the one that suits you best!

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We reduce distance barriers allowing you to buy artisanal instruments with quality and tradition from Cremona. Full certified instruments give you tranquillity and confidence to invest in something to compliment your music.

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