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A Violin by Fiorella Anelli

Violin by Fiorella Anelli, Cremona, 2021

A Guarneri model violin, crafted by the hands of an experienced maker. Fiorella's deep studies into the life and work of Guarneri 'del Gesù' are clearly shown by faithfully reproducing some of his characteristics, yet at the same time printing her own style. In our view,  the broad chamfer in the carefully carved scroll is this violin's high point. More

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The wood chose for the top, medium regular grain spruce, was carefully selected and comes from Val di Fiemme, which is the same source of most of the greatest Cremonese makers of the past. The two-piece back maple with medium to wide flames comes from the Balkans. The sides and neck follow the same figure as the back. It is covered by a luminous orange-brown oil varnish. This violin is ready to be your new mean of expression.
"I like doing research and studies on violin making and deepening the biography of the great masters of the past, especially when I start creating a new model. I made this violin inspired by Guarneri del Gesù’s instruments and looking mainly at those he made in his period of maximum acoustic experimentation between 1740 and 1744. In those years, del Gesù experimented a lot with the arching, the thicknesses, and the cut and placement of the sound holes, obtaining an increase in sound power and enhancing the bass depth in his violins. I was mainly inspired by “Lord Wilton,” “The Cannon,” and “The Plowden” for their renowned acoustic properties and reinterpreting them in my personal new style making." Fiorella Anelli

Meet the maker

Fiorella Anelli

Her adventure in the world of violin making started. where art, craft, and music blend in harmony, at the School of Violin Making of Milan. After moving to Cremona, Fiorella graduated in baroque violin making, which led her to understand the evolution of the violin from its origins to modern times and to better develop her personal style.Learn more

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    Back Length
    355 mm
    Upper Bout
    167 mm
    Center Bout
    113 mm
    Lower Bout
    208 mm
    String Length
    329 mm

    sound characteristics

    Dark, sweet, and direct.

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