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Violin Maker
Elena Bardella

Cremona, Italy

Elena Bardella has vast experience within her career as a violin maker. After establishing her workshop in Cremona in 1989, she has participated in various national and international exhibitions. She learned with her teacher, Scrollavezza, the vision of the totality, the care, and the passion for the softness of the lines without neglecting the decisive trait.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Elena Bardella

Age: 54


Experience: 37 Years

New making style: New


Master Maker

Graduated from the Antonio Stradivari School of Violin Making in Cremona

Violin Making Professor

Acknowledge Maker Worldwide

Instruments Played at Important Orchestras


1982, Gold medal “the youngest participant” at the National Competition City of Bagnacavallo, Italy

1996, Silver medal for violin at the First Professional Competition City of Bagnacavallo, Italy

Locally making

Cremona, Italy

Maker Background

Elena Bardella was born in Cremona in 1966. She graduated as a Master's violin maker at the International School of violinmaking in Cremona in 1984, under Giorgio Cè. From 1986 to 1988, she followed a lute-making course, and she graduated with teacher Walter Leoni at the Lombardy Region's Professional Training Center.

It was essential for her to meet master Renato Scrollavezza, who in 1988 was part of the jury of the International Competition "Antonio Stradivari," and thanks to that, she began to attend the workshop receiving valuable advice from the master.

Scrollavezza taught her the vision of the totality, care, and the passion for the softness of the lines without neglecting the decisive trait; over the years, attending the Scrollavezza workshop, she had the opportunity to meet his daughter, Elisa, and his partner, Andrea Zanrè.

She feels great appreciation and admiration towards her other teachers, such as Pierangelo Balzarini and Primo Pistoni. In 1989 she opened her workshop in Cremona and participated in various national and international competitions.

In 2009 the "Sivis Quartet" performed in concert playing the Quartet in C major op.59 n.3 "Rasumovsky" by Ludwig van Beethoven, with her instruments.

In 2010 she was invited by the International Violin making School ”A.Stradivari” of Cremona to supervise the qualification exams as an external member.

In 2010 she completed the creation of a string quintet. These instruments belong to Yokohama musicians. The "Bardella Quintet."

In 2014 she was invited to participate in the jury of the VIII° edition of the National Anlai Competition in Cremona, chaired by the Maestro Antonio Capela.

In 2015 she collaborated to organize the exhibition held in the "Museum of Musical Instruments" in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she exhibited her instruments. Her instruments are appreciated by the teachers and the musicians of the Conservatory operating in Saint Petersburg.

She has worked as a Master Tutor for students training at the Civic School of Milan and the Cologni Foundation for the Arts and Crafts of Milan.

She is also collaborating, actively, on several projects conducted with the Scientific Laboratories of the Cremona Violin Museum, related by various scientific articles and the School of Violin making of Noceto, in Parma with the Teachers Scrollavezza and Zanrè.

Since 2018 she is a member of the Cultural District of violin making. Since 2021 she collaborates as a Maestro-expert with the International School of Violin making "A. Stradivari" in Cremona. She works in her Atelier in Cremona in Via 11 Febbraio,50.

Maker Interview

Where your instruments are currently being played?

My instruments are played all around the world by professionals, soloists, and talented young musicians. Some of my best instruments are currently played in Spain, Germany, Russia, Japan, Thailand, and even Brasil.

Why did you start making instruments?

My family was always passionate about classical music; I still remember when I went to a concert with my parents when I was 7. Both my parents had remarkable manual skills and creativity—lovers of handcraft and precision. And obviously, this led me to have the same devotion. When I was 13 years old, I attended the international school of violin making in Cremona, "A. Stradivari" I had no doubts: I wanted to make stringed instruments.

After graduation in 1984, I started working on a professional basis at the “Bottega Scuola CEE,” gaining experience and expanding my knowledge in violin making. A few years later, in 1989, I opened my own workshop.

Why are your instruments so special?

I love, through my instruments, to transmit the care, passion, and dedication with which I make them.

What is your inspiration?

The Classical Cremonese violin-making tradition is my first inspiration. My aim is to create instruments with clean and soft lines.

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